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Soft-Skill strength results in higher profit margins.

Improve Your Business Differentiation

We enhance the professionalism, skills and revenue generating results of sales organizations. Unlike our competitors who seem to think it is all about magical content and secret formulas, we concentrate on helping each individual, wherever they begin.

We ensure business differentiation by making your people better than their competitors. From basic sales process, to sales management training, Perceptive Learning has a refreshing new approach to growing sales.

Our highly researched and expert learning methods are modularized and can be utilized individually, or combined and integrated into a larger program. Sales and Sales Management individuals reap high value from these exciting learning programs. Actually, this approach is the perfect solution to complete any agenda targeted at helping all of your professionals who are responsible for touching the customer.

Our experience and expertise can open eyes - and doors. We have a great history of success in business coaching. We are truly unique and strong at coaching sales managers and sales people. Equally important, our ability to transfer these skills to others is unmatched

Example Customizable Workshps - 
Enhance face-to-face communication skills with our presentation skills training.Grow sales managers, and sales revenue, through Perceptive Learning sales coaching and sales management training. Sell More - Sell Faster - and at Higher Margins with our assistance in sales skills training or implementing a basic sales process. Resolve conflicts, build better business relationships and improve sales negotiation with sales negotiation skills training.

Our Services Include:

"The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people."
— Theodore Roosevelt

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